Duomo Sounds Limited; Nigerian 80 Disco Music To Move Your Soul (LIVST005)

This one is super special. An amazing insight into the catalogue of a Lagos-based label in the early 80s, when good taste was still de rigueur and 70s keyboards and synths were still in active service. Its a mix of pop-disco, deep funk, and dreamy disco-highlife. The operative term is disco… Not, ABBA or Boney M, the tough and rugged, cosmic afro version.

The miracle is that Advice (Christy Ogbah), Bindiga, Mike Umoh, Johnny O’Bazz were all on one label. The selection of songs are plucked from albums that are routinely exchanged for big money.

This one is for the people. Enjoy!


  1. hey, you should post all this stuff in your facebook page. most people get their updates from there. if im following about 20 music labels, i can not go one by one to their websites.

    keep up the good work! 🙂

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